Monday, August 20, 2012

The Beginning

Blogs should really only be written by interesting people. Or funny people. Or basically anyone who is so busy doing awesome/ noble things that he or she doesn't have time to sit around and compose said interesting/ witty/ world-changing blog.

However, like most bloggers out there, I have plenty of time to chronicle my embarrassingly typical existence. So I will. Perhaps writing about my life and thoughts is simply to satisfy my egomaniacal side. (This is the same side of me that posts hip, filtered pictures to Instagram in hopes of receiving as many likes or comments as possible and then posts the same hip, filtered picture to Facebook in order to collect even more e-praise.) Or, perhaps my motives are true and I write simply because I enjoy writing, regardless of the fact that my audience probably consists solely of my parents.

As a former teacher, I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should be a lifelong learner-- even if one spends most days changing dirty diapers, cutting grapes in half, and wiping cracker residue off of her t-shirt in order to appear presentable to the check-out person at H-E-B. So, here you have it: these are the things I learn.

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